About Museum of Elmali





Antalya Elmali Museum is 2400 square meters and consists of two normal and one subterranean floor, making it a total of three floors. The entrance of the southwest facade of the building is on the middle shaft. At the entrance there's a big hall that includes an information desk and on the right there are the managerial rooms and a conference room.

On the left of the entrance, in one of the 3 exhibition rooms, 8 windows display artifacts found in Elmalı Plain dating from the Chalcolithic Period to middle Bronze Age are all displayed chronologically. In the second room tombs and containers from the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Period and containers of bigger dimensions like Pithos and earthenware pots are displayed. 
In the third room, 3 cubic tombs called Pithos that were discovered in Karatas-Semayuk cemetery are placed in their original position and are displayed along with skeletal remains and presents offered to the dead creating a stunning atmosphere. On the first floor, to the left of the entrance, there is Anatolia's timeline. 

The museum has 4000 square meter open-air display area containing architectural pieces such as Sarcophagi, inscribed tomb stones, and columns found around Elmalı region from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. An example of a monumental beehive, which was quite popular up until the seventeenth century but is now close to extinction, is setup in the northeast corner of the garden. The garden also includes a restoration studio of a 100 square meters, a large pool and an all year round cafeteria of 120 square meters.

It is certain that the Elmalı Museum, with its 1305 pieces of inventory, will continue to grow due to the cultural and historical richness of the region that it covers and will contribute a lot to discovering and preserving our cultural heritage. Our hope is that the people will support the Elmalı Museum, which will economically, socially and culturally enrich the region and that Elmalı, with its surrounding towns, will become a notable tourism center.